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Fairbanks Webinar: The Captial Campaign: How to Prepare for the 59th Minute in Your Busiest Hour

October 17, 2017

Is there anything more exciting than the launch of a capital campaign? Board members, volunteers and major gifts fundraisers can’t wait for that all-consuming and exhilarating announcement of the new project that will allow the organisation to launch from the starting gate. But wait! There are many steps and a lot of time to get ready to make sure you cross that finish line successfully! Join Vivian as she shares with you the key elements of preparing for your next capital campaign.

At the end of this session participants will:

1.  Know how the standard feasibility study is evolving to become a true planning tool.

2.  Understand Go/No Go:  the benchmarks to use in determining your readiness for a campaign.

3.  Know how to find the human resources and skill sets required for a campaign.




Vivian Smith, CFRE, is known for her commitment to philanthropy and her passion for the fundraising profession. Over the course of an extensive career, her dedication has meant a winning track record in support of a wide range of charitable causes including education, youth, sports, social services, health care and arts and culture.

Vivian’s commitment to providing highly effective and ethical services to the sector along with her flexibility, insight and more than 25 years of experience has led her to become one of the most respected and sought-after advisors to the charitable sector in western Canada. Recently, after 17 years in business as a fundraising consultant, she took on the role of Executive Director for the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation where she is presently busy preparing for its largest capital campaign ever.


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